Feedback from our users...

“You can make up a mixture, chuck the nuts and bolts in from your build and just shake them now and again. Take them out after a week or two and they’re ready for plating - easy!”
“I made up a wooden frame, lined it with a plastic sheet and dipped my whole bike frame. Amazing results.”
“It doesn’t remove paint, so I blasted that off my cars crossmember with the sandblaster attachment on my pressure washer then dipped the whole thing in an old bath for a couple of weeks. I used an endoscope from work to look inside the internal box structure and every bit of rust has gone.”
“Everything and I mean EVERY GRAIN OF RUST has gone…!”
“It’s just so easy. No timers, no temperature control, no agitation, just immerse and go!”
“My control arms have pressed in rubber bushes I couldn’t remove so the whole thing went in. As they said, no affect on the rubber but the rust is gone completely”
“I put an entire engine block in and saved it”
“The iron railings outside my house are listed. It would have cost me over £2k in labour to de-rust by hand. We made up a large shallow tray and dipped one at a time. Result! Does exactly what it says on the container!”
“Very cost effective when you take into account the dilution ratio and VERY effective. Just drop items in and check them now and then until they’re done.”
“Steam engine restoration - who would have thought you can buy something economical enough to allow you to immerse large parts with complex cavities. Saved weeks of hand work and has done a better job.”
“I’m now trying to work out how to make a bath big enough for my entire Anglia shell!”
“We’ve finished the car restoration bits and have moved on to anything else we could find. So far the garden tools have been IReOxed and the Wheelbarrow and no we’re sizing up the climbing frame…”