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I’ve got a seized engine where the piston rings have rusted to the bores. The water galleries are pretty furry too. Could IReOx free it up and clear the waterways? George, Liverpool.
Hi George, this is an ideal IReOx mission! Ideally find a container to accept the whole engine, or make up a timber frame and line it with IReOx plastic liner (available from ClementandBoggis) so you can immerse the whole thing in a mix of 10 parts water to 1 part IReOx. Check back every few days and stir and you will soon have a rust free engine!
I’m renovating a classic tractor, many of the nuts and bolts are rusted solid, can IReOx help with that?
Tim, Chichester
Provided you can immerse the items Tim, IReOx can free up those fasteners for you. Use a 10 parts water to 1 part IReOx mixture and scrub the item lightly every few days. The IReOx will slowly etch into the threads and after about ten days you can unscrew those bolts!
Is it suitable for thin panels? I don’t want to use acid etch or blasting as my body panels are quite delicate on my Alfa Romeo.
Jeff, Hastings
Hi Jeff, the beautiful thing about IReOx is that it will ONLY attack the rust. Therefore its the best possible solution for your panels. The only thing is you need to immerse the panels so you need a tank big enough. If you can’t find one you can easily make one up by screwing together some 2x2 timber to make a frame and then line it with IReOx liner which you can buy by the metre. A 15:1 mix will work well, check on progress after a week.
The hull of my steel narrowboat has had bilge water sloshing around for years and is pretty deeply rusted. I was thinking of filling the hull with IReOx, what do you think?
Joe, Norfolk
Sounds perfect Joe. Use a 20:1 mix for maximum economy. Make sure all bilge vents are shut if the hull is still in water as the only thing IReOx can be harmful to is aquatic life. Leave to strip or brush every few days to accelerate the process. Rinse out with clean water before repainting.
I restore quite valuable old toys but then thin metal is quite delicate. There are often rubber wheels riveted on too. Will your product harm them?
Sebastian, London
The best thing about IReOx is that it only eats rust, so sound metal and rubber components are unaffected. Try using a higher dilution if you are unsure and increase when you are confident of IReOx’s safety.
Can you clean off the rust from brake calipers with this?
Dan, Nottingham
Hi Dan. One of the most ideal uses is on brake calipers. The IReOx cleans the clamp bolt threads allowing disassembly as well as the pistons and all fluid galleries. If the rubber seals are irreplaceable the good news is that it won’t harm these. Wire brush the calipers first and then soak in a 10:1 mixture. Brush every few days and remove when shiny clean!